Oct 142018

I had earlier shared my attempts to connect MiP to the Internet. In the last couple months I have managed to build an adapter board in Eagle to fit a D1 mini clone to MiP. Along with the Arduino IDE library support I’ve developed and hosted on GitHub, MiP is now a cloud-connected robot.

MiP's new hardware

MiP, outfitted with the D1 mini Pack and a D1 mini clone. MiP is now cloud-connected.

The use of the esp8266 is fairly well documented. The D1 mini Pack and accompanying library simply serve as an adapter to get MiP online. I’ve provided several examples of how to get MiP online in the project wiki.

To put this project together, you’ll have to order the D1 mini Pack from your favorite PCB manufacturer, connect a Wemos D1 mini or clone and build the short length of cable to connect the D1 mini Pack to MiP’s UART port. The assembly instructions can be found in the wiki for the MiP ESP8266 Library, however they’ll eventually migrate to the D1 mini Pack repository so stay tuned for updates.

As always, I heap praises on Adam Green. Without his help none of this would have happened.

If you decide to undertake this project, feel free to share your experience with me and provide feedback on areas for improvement.