Oct 012017
The Geocaching logo.

Thank you to Jeffrey Zinn and Brandon Dove for adding me as a contributor to the official Geocache Stat Bar Widget for WordPress. Today marks the release of the plugin’s first update in seven years. The plugin has all of the same great functionality as before but with improved support for the WordPress translation system.

Oct 292008

First, I’d like to thank Jason Irwin for his original SETI Stats plugin.

This rewritten WordPress plugin displays user stats compiled from the SETI@Home project site. You can display your stats with a widget or with a snippet of PHP code.

  • Member name
  • Join date
  • URL (if applicable)
  • Total credit
  • Recent average credit
  • SETI@Home Classic workunits
  • SETI@Home Classic CPU time
  • Team membership (if applicable)
  • SETI@Home site status
  • Time of last update

You can download this plugin from WordPress.org.

After unzipping the download file, upload the folder “setihome-stats” into your “wp-content/plugins” directory.

Login to the WordPress Administration area, choose “Plugins” from the dashboard, find “SETI@Home Stats”, and click “Activate”.

Choose “Settings->SETI Options” from the main menu and enter your SETI@Home Account number and an interval period for refreshing locally cached stats.

You can also activate the SETI@Home Stats Widget using the sequence described above.

SETI@Home Stats uses a widget to display your stats on the sidebar.

You can display your stats anywhere on your blog using


You can see the plugin at work on the sidebar of this blog.

None that I know of. If you find any please let me know.

Jul 292008

New Golden Gray is now hosted at WordPress! Download NGG from WordPress.

New Golden Gray is based on William Pramana’s Golden Grey theme. Golden Gray was originally written for Alex King’s 2005 WordPress theme competition. In the last few years WordPress has undergone many changes and the coding requirements for themes has also changed. New Golden Gray is a rewrite of Golden Grey to meet those requirements and to exploit the new functionality of today’s WordPress, version 2.6, while preserving the aesthetic quality of the original theme.

New Golden Gray has been written to include:

  • Support for widgets!
  • Accessibility features: access keys and friendly text browser support.
  • A 404 page.
  • An archive page.
  • Support for GaMerZ’ WP-Print plugin.
  • Gravatars.

Screen shot
Screen shot of the New Golden Gray theme for WordPress

Download New Golden Gray 1.8 (81K).
Download William Pramana’s original Golden Grey (29K).

Use the comments section for all requests for support or to recommend improvements to NGG.

What’s Next

  • Improved navigation bar.
  • Improved support for mobile devices.

Known Issues

  • If your blog contains more than about eight page links, they will not all fit in the navigation bar and they page layout will distort.
  • Some CSS3 code is used in the style sheet which won’t validate against W3C’s current CSS validation.