Sep 122009

If you’re as addicted to SETI@home as I am you probably look for every chance to install the BOINC client on any computer possible. The default installation of the BOINC client requires administrative rights on Windows computers. If you’re working on a shared, supported or corporate computer you may not have administrative rights. Here’s the easy way around that.

  1. Download the BOINC client. (Version 6.6.36)
  2. Open a DOS box and change directory to the location of the BOINC client.
  3. Launch the BOINC client using the “/a” flag as in “boinc_6.6.36_windows_intelx86.exe /a”
  4. You will be prompted for a location to install the server portion of the application. Pick something.
  5. That’s it! Launch the client using “[install path]\program files\BOINC\boincmgr.exe”

There are other flags available for the install file. Use “/?” to see them all. For help with installing earlier versions of the BOINC client read this.