Mar 042012

The Slitaz team is pleased to announce the new SliTaz 4.0-RC2 release candidate. We have done a huge amount of work fixing bugs from RC1 and on end-user home made tools such as TazPKG, TazPanel and TazUSB. Wifi connection is made easier via TazPanel or the new wifibox. TazPKG has better desktop integration and a new notification system.

This new version comes with a full Xorg package and DRI support as well as the nv, intel, geode and vesa drivers working out-of-the-box. We have also rebuilt all packages once again and saved ~2Mb in the core LiveCD, so we now include Lxrandr, Parcellite and the transmission BiTorrent client.

We want to thank everyone who tested the first release candidate; this RC2 is close to the upcoming SliTaz 4.0 version planned in 2 weeks. Download the RC2 ISO image from our mirror (35,1 Mb): SliTaz 4.0-RC2

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