Apr 112012

The SliTaz contributors are pleased to announce the release of the new stable distribution SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0. Two years of community work have created a reliable system capable of even shorter boot times with more than 1,000 new installable packages.

SliTaz provides a complete graphical desktop in 35 MB based on LXDE and Openbox that works entirely in 192MB of RAM. Its new 4-in-1 CD image can be installed on a hard drive with only 48MB by automatically selecting a configuration most fully suited to your hardware.

The home-made tools have grown. Tazpkg brings a new notification system and is much faster despite the increase in the number of packages and Tazpanel enables a new centralized management system. You can read the full Release Notes and download SliTaz 4.0 from our mirror: slitaz-4.0.iso

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