Mar 042012

The Slitaz team is pleased to announce the new SliTaz 4.0-RC2 release candidate. We have done a huge amount of work fixing bugs from RC1 and on end-user home made tools such as TazPKG, TazPanel and TazUSB. Wifi connection is made easier via TazPanel or the new wifibox. TazPKG has better desktop integration and a new notification system.

This new version comes with a full Xorg package and DRI support as well as the nv, intel, geode and vesa drivers working out-of-the-box. We have also rebuilt all packages once again and saved ~2Mb in the core LiveCD, so we now include Lxrandr, Parcellite and the transmission BiTorrent client.

We want to thank everyone who tested the first release candidate; this RC2 is close to the upcoming SliTaz 4.0 version planned in 2 weeks. Download the RC2 ISO image from our mirror (35,1 Mb): SliTaz 4.0-RC2

Feb 242012

The SliTaz contributor team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first release candidate for SliTaz 4.0. SliTaz can boot in 10-12 seconds on fairly new hardware and with the new 4in1 ISO you can install a full SliTaz desktop with only 48MB of RAM. The 4in1 ISO is able to auto detect the memory and can boot SliTaz in text mode, to a minimal X environment or a full graphical desktop.

SliTaz 4.0 will have more than 3000 well tested packages in its repository and the RC series lets us track the latest bugs. From our last Cooking release the packages have all been rebuilt twice to ensure build quality.

This RC1 ISO will prompt you with a new graphical menu and a graphical language and keyboard set up. The ISO features a new desktop layout and artwork as well as a new command line installer with a CGI/web interface accessible via TazPanel. You can download this new ISO from the mirror: SliTaz 4.0-RC1.

Nov 192011

The U.S. military’s veteran A-10 Thunderbolt II is built for battle: a titanium-armored cockpit protects its pilot from explosive projectile hits, and it can carry weapons like a 30-mm nose-mounted cannon to take out enemy tanks. Now the National Science Foundation (NSF) plans to arm a retired Thunderbolt not with bombs, but with scientific instruments, and use it to study the inside of violent thunderstorms—where winds, hail, and lightning would take down lesser planes.

Weather-Studying Warthog: A Fixed-Up A-10 Will Fly Into Thunderstorms – A-10 Thunderbolt II – Popular Mechanics.