Oct 012017
The Geocaching logo.

Thank you to Jeffrey Zinn and Brandon Dove for adding me as a contributor to the official Geocache Stat Bar Widget for WordPress. Today marks the release of the plugin’s first update in seven years. The plugin has all of the same great functionality as before but with improved support for the WordPress translation system.

Jul 042017

Over a year ago I issued a plea for help in developing the SparkFun MiP Arduino software library for use on the SparkFun MiP ProMini-Pack. Today I finally realized that the ProMini-Pack is retired. I’m not sure how long ago SparkFun retired the product but doing so has almost certainly doomed any future development of the library.

Since I’m a slow learner I’m going to retain the ProMini-Pack documents here in the hopes that one day someone will put them to good use and either finish developing the software library or find new ways to interface the hardware with the MiP.

These documents provided by SparkFun.com:

Eagle files
ATmega328 datasheet

Jun 272017

It’s been a long time since I updated the SETI@home Stats plugin. Seven years to be exact. I’ve updated a local copy and it seems to be working. The official SETI@home stats webpage had changed it’s format and the plugin’s regular expression matching needed to be updated to suit. You can see it working in my sidebar to the right.

Tonight I will try to get a new copy uploaded to the WordPress plugin repository. In the meantime, you can download a test version below.

SETI@home Stats 1.1.5