Jul 292008

New Golden Gray is now hosted at WordPress! Download NGG from WordPress.

New Golden Gray is based on William Pramana’s Golden Grey theme. Golden Gray was originally written for Alex King’s 2005 WordPress theme competition. In the last few years WordPress has undergone many changes and the coding requirements for themes has also changed. New Golden Gray is a rewrite of Golden Grey to meet those requirements and to exploit the new functionality of today’s WordPress, version 2.6, while preserving the aesthetic quality of the original theme.

New Golden Gray has been written to include:

  • Support for widgets!
  • Accessibility features: access keys and friendly text browser support.
  • A 404 page.
  • An archive page.
  • Support for GaMerZ’ WP-Print plugin.
  • Gravatars.

Screen shot
Screen shot of the New Golden Gray theme for WordPress

Download New Golden Gray 1.8 (81K).
Download William Pramana’s original Golden Grey (29K).

Use the comments section for all requests for support or to recommend improvements to NGG.

What’s Next

  • Improved navigation bar.
  • Improved support for mobile devices.

Known Issues

  • If your blog contains more than about eight page links, they will not all fit in the navigation bar and they page layout will distort.
  • Some CSS3 code is used in the style sheet which won’t validate against W3C’s current CSS validation.

  22 Responses to “New Golden Gray 1.8”

  1. Hey Samuel,

    I’m a low-level, mostly-newb WordPress template hacker, and I’m helping a friend implement New Golden Gray at a planned page for her design work. If one wanted to remove the graphical post-markers and separators (called post-icon and entry-separate in the images folder), what’s the best way to accomplish that?

    Thanks for the theme, which is great and accessible.

  2. Kevin,
    To remove the post markers, open style.css and comment out the following two lines in h3:

    background: url(images/post-icon.gif) no-repeat 0 50%;
    padding-left: 25px;

    To remove the post separation image, in the entry section comment out:

    background: url(images/entry-separate.gif) no-repeat center bottom;

    You may have to clear your browser cache to see the changes. You can see the effect of your changes at this test site.

    I’m glad you like the theme. I’d be interested in seeing your final product.

  3. Hi there,
    I’m tampering around with this theme, because I adore the colorscheme. I’ve added and changed it quite a lot, though I think I stayed loyal to the idea, just did some finetuning to my personal liking.

    Anyway, I’d like the footer to be a copy of the header (upside down offcourse) only I can’t seem to find the goldish background colour of the header in the css?? Any idea where it is hiding?

  4. janoda,
    The goldish color in the header comes from bg-main.gif which is referenced from the body segment of the css. Your site looks good and interesting. As I have the time I’ll read some of your content.

  5. Any idea on how making it show up again in the footer?

    This is the design phase link, the eventual website will reside elswhere on the net.

    Thanks for the quick reply, I should’ve seen it myself! (I also love reCAPTCHA, will probably use it too!)

  6. Any Pages that I create do not show the content. Posts work fine. I’m not sure where to look for offending code…

  7. Another plug-in may be interfering. I experienced something similar with other themes but never saw it with this one.

  8. Hey,

    Great Theme. My brother is going to be using it on a site he’s making.

    I have a question. It seems that older posts display first and the newer ones after. Do you know how I can get the newest posts to display first on the site? Thanks.

  9. Forget my first post. I deleted the original post that came with wordpress and the one I added, and redid both the welcome post and the newer one. It displays them fine now, not sure why it did it the other way first, it also did that in the default theme.

    Anyway, great theme, thanks for it.

  10. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the theme. Development of NGG is on hold until at least the end of the year. My plans for the next revision include adding support for comment threading that was introduced with WP v.2.7.

  11. Hi,
    just trying to work out how to make the text in a post align left – first of all at margin and then alongside an image then back along margin again.
    I like the NGG theme and would appreciate any advice you have.

  12. […] Theme Homepage ยป […]

  13. How do you remove the home page, or is there a way that you can edit it. I just havn’t seen an obvious way to do it. Also, right below the theme title it says, “Posted by admin on November 4th, 2009 โ€” Posted in Uncategorized.” Can you remove that?
    thank you in advance for replying to my questions

  14. Why do you suppose the comment fields don’t show on the home page for the NGG blog I just set up? They work on the “about” page but not on the main home page post. Thanks!

  15. Hi, I used this theme as I love the layout, with the menu bar etc.

    I was wondering, would it be possible to add left hand side sidebar to it?? If so, how would I do it?? I’m new to using themes ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi
    Was hoping I may be able to remove the POSTED BY at the top?
    Is this possible?
    New to this and love the theme, works well with our product.

    claire in Beirut (from Ireland)

  17. Awesome job on the theme update. Thank you – helped me keep my site up-to-date. jay

  18. Hey there

    I am struggling to make each of my pages title tags in this theme unique? i dont suppose you can help?



  19. Hello! I install your them on my website: http://www.goldsilvercoinsinvestment.com

    I like that them, but I have one problem When I’m adding photos to my posts, text is too close to image. Is it possible to make text to stay around image with space avout 1/4 of inch ?

    Thank you!


  20. Hi, how can I edit the header with this theme? ie change the background colour of the header and text size, position and colour within the header?

    Is there an option to do this with this theme?


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