May 312010

I have been avoiding Facebook like the plague. I’ve been receiving invites from friends since 2005 but I had real concerns over privacy. Due to recent press over Facebook’s privacy woes it turns out I was justified.

The feature set of Facebook is hugely impressive and I do admit I’ve long wanted to sign up and share my pictures, status updates and more with family and friends – but only family and friends.

While reading about alternatives to Facebook I came across Diaspora. This is the first piece of software I’ve been genuinely excited about in years. The idea is that you host the open-source server running your social profile. That means you have complete comtrol over what you share. I even have a computer waiting for the task.

I’ve pledged $10.00 to support Diaspora and I can’t wait to see the final product.

You can make your own contribution to Diaspora using the Kickstarter widget in my sidebar.

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