Jun 272017

It’s been a long time since I updated the SETI@home Stats plugin. Seven years to be exact. I’ve updated a local copy and it seems to be working. The official SETI@home stats webpage had changed it’s format and the plugin’s regular expression matching needed to be updated to suit. You can see it working in my sidebar to the right.

Tonight I will try to get a new copy uploaded to the WordPress plugin repository. In the meantime, you can download a test version below.

SETI@home Stats 1.1.5

May 312010

I have been avoiding Facebook like the plague. I’ve been receiving invites from friends since 2005 but I had real concerns over privacy. Due to recent press over Facebook’s privacy woes it turns out I was justified.

The feature set of Facebook is hugely impressive and I do admit I’ve long wanted to sign up and share my pictures, status updates and more with family and friends – but only family and friends.

While reading about alternatives to Facebook I came across Diaspora. This is the first piece of software I’ve been genuinely excited about in years. The idea is that you host the open-source server running your social profile. That means you have complete comtrol over what you share. I even have a computer waiting for the task.

I’ve pledged $10.00 to support Diaspora and I can’t wait to see the final product.

You can make your own contribution to Diaspora using the Kickstarter widget in my sidebar.