I am a graduate of San Jose State University where I earned a BS in Computer Science. Having toughed it out in the computer industry for ten years I am now happily and gainfully employed by the United States Navy. I am currently working toward an MS at Naval Postgraduate School.

I am a fan of Linux and I particularly favor lightweight distros. It’s a consequence of being cheap. I keep my computers long past the time someone else would toss theirs aside in favor of a new one. So to keep my old computers running I load them up with distros such as Lubuntu and SliTaz.

In the past I’ve sold Linux distributions online and used Linux to host Unreal Tournament servers. Besides my laptops, I also run a headless tower running Ubuntu with mirrored drives to backup all of my family pictures and music.

Besides all things computers, my other hobbies include bicycling and automotive tinkering. I am proud to say I am not a Facebook sheep nor do I own a smartphone of any kind. 🙂

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  1. Greetings! Was trying to get your WP seti plug-in to work. No luck. Hope you upgrade it soon! Would like to display my team results with it.

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